Installation on metal and stainless steel

It is necessary to clean the substrate until free from grease and remove any possible existing corrosion. Where necessary the metal must be abraded and primed. Prime structural steel twice with ASODUR-GBM. Wipe over stainless steel sparingly with ASO-Primer-S. Before installing tiles, apply an intermediate flexible layer of ASOFLEX-AKB. Due to the range of metals, we recommend seeking technical advice for the application.

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Primer and adhesion promoter for non-absorbent substrates

Universal epoxy based primer


Waterproof material as a bonded system with tiles, for wall or floor as required


Solvent free two component epoxy resin, very hard, high bond strength and compressive and flexural strengths

Deformable, rapid hardening flexible adhesive for heavy duty areas, also for natural stone, with FAST TECHNOLOGY


Adhesive and grout with high chemical resistance, for tiles and natural stone, for wall or floor as required

Chemical resistant fine grain epoxy grout, three component and solvent free

Silicone sealant for movement joints

Silicone sealant for discolouration-free elastic jointing