ASODUR-EV200 - unshakeable even under the strongest vibration

The casting and levelling mortar ASODUR-EV200 from SCHOMBURG is a secure and long-lasting solution for challenges under exacting conditions as well as for universal applications.

• Versatile and for universal use as a heavy duty casting mortar and for levelling areas for direct use
• Exceptional resistance to mechanical loads and chemical exposure, high compressive and flexural strength
• Epoxy resin product with considerable advantages over mineral-based products

What do vibrating machinery, fork-lift trucks and trams have in common. The floor shakes wherever they are used – and not just a little. Frequent vibrations, especially from heavy machinery or vehicles, are a permanent stress test for the substrate and the anchors for building components, floor slabs or platform units. Whether Architect, Contractor, Civil Engineer, Coater or Restorer: all know the high demands, which are placed on the material, in order to withstand the, at times, extreme strains. The Detmold based manufacturer of system-based construction products, SCHOMBURG offers a durable and versatile installation solution with ASODUR-EV200, which also resists the heaviest of loads.

The 3 component epoxy resin mortar is resistant to mechanical loads and also external influences such as e.g. water pressure and chemical attack. A tested compressive strength of 109 N/mm² and a flexural strength of 40 N/mm² are especially noteworthy technical values and mark ASODUR-EV200 out, particularly in comparison to mineral-based products, in regards to toughness and longevity; properties, that are important when there are permanent strong vibrations from heavy machinery or vehicles. Even from a thickness of 10 mm, the material resists negative water pressure of 5 bar and reliably prevents moisture damage. Also ASODUR-EV200 is resistant to many acids, greases, oils and solvents.

The product withstood a noteworthy practical test in Kazakhstan. There are huge mines there where large amounts of mineral resources are continuously extracted. With ASODUR-EV200 it was possible, where others had failed: the heavy machinery was anchored to the floor in such a way as to give high performance day after day. It quickly became clear that this principle would help in other areas. Overall where there are requirements for high strength and at the same time, flexibility against vibration or movement, ASODUR-EV200 from SCHOMBURG can be used.

The 3 component epoxy resin mortar, as a casting mortar, reliably holds reinforcing steel and heavily stressed machine fixings – tested to DIN EN 1504-6. It protects the machinery and the floor against vibration stresses and binds them securely. Its optimum flow properties ensure that machinery is for example bedded fully. Also inlets for pools or ground level doors and windows can be waterproofed with ASODUR-EV200, forming a stable seal, even without waterproof tapes or additional priming. Due to its heavy duty performance, ASODUR-EV200 is also a safe solution for fixing and bedding drainage outlets and channels in for example commercial kitchens.

Its performance marks its durability and sustainability, which makes the product a long-lasting solution especially when compared with mineral-based products. Even for restoration and height equalisation in floors, ASODUR-EV200 can be used. The material even resists extreme loads from a thickness of 10 mm, e.g. industrial trucks. It produces a smooth substrate avoiding steps and edges, similarly extensive excavation work. There is sufficient scope for pump trucks and fork-lift trucks. Without priming, the product can be installed as a surface for direct use or as a substrate for subsequent work such as e.g. floor coatings.

ASODUR-EV200 is especially well and homogenously mixed with appropriate compulsory mixers such as e.g. Collomatic XM2-650 from Collomix or stirred with conventional mixing techniques. It bonds to damp substrates without priming and even to old wooden floorboards. The applicator has a comfortable working time of about 100 minutes for application of the mixed material and after ca. 12 hours, the area can be over-coated. It is the ideal solution for the renovation of workshops or industrial floors that need to be back in service quickly. The properties are tested to the “screed standard” DIN EN 13813.

ASODUR-EV200 is suitable for all applications in which resistance, longevity and economic viability are required. The 3 component epoxy resin mortar is available in 30 kg combined packaging from selected distributors.