Corporate Values

Sustainable growth
Sustainable growth – sustainable, successful, economic growth in terms of sustainable development being a prerequisite for our activities. In terms of our customers, employees and proprietors, we establish values and adopt the responsibilties of the business.

Our business processes are aligned for sustainable added value. We develop – with the goal of making our customers more successful – mutual business potential and develop products, service levels and system solutions.

Respect, openness and fairness
We treat each other fairly and with respect. We advocate open trusting dialogue in our company and with our business partners and our business environment. We reach mutual agreements with mutual fairness as a prerequisite for mutual success.

We respect justice and the law as well as generally recognised traditions of the countries in which we are active and promote the intercultural competency of our employees. We act on our values in accordance with our word.

Responsibility for man and the environment
We are responsible for our environment. Security, environmental protection and health are priorities in our trade, before economic concerns.

Sandebeck, 3/12/2010
Albert Schomburg, Ralph Schomburg, Alexander Weber