3 component epoxy resin grouting mortar

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Product details


  • Solvent-free
  • Low shrinkage
  • Watertight up to 5 bar (from 20 mm layer thickness)
  • Fire class B (DIN EN 13501) for layer thicknesses up to 75 mm
  • CE per DIN EN 1504-6 and DIN EN 13813

Areas of Application

  • For fastening anchors
  • For sealing construction elements
  • For casting in foundations
  • For coating
  • On damp and dry substrates
  • Can be over-coated with ASODUR coating systems
  • For thicknesses from 10-200 mm
  • For casting beneath machinery foundations
  • For casting beneath drainage channels
  • For casting beneath pillars and support constructions
  • For casting support posts, guardrails
  • Load distribution layer on demanding substrates
  • For filling channels, voids and spaces (e.g. swimming pool construction)
  • For interior and exterior use
  • As an electrically isolating casting for railway lines and tracks
  • For grouting and bedding crane rails and turbines
  • For the powerful bonding of concrete and metal
  • For the repair of loaded floor areas
  • For the grouting of crash barriers, guard rails and supports in halls and racking construction
  • For horizontal applications
  • As a load spreading layer of min. 10 mm on old timber floorboards (always consider the particular static factors)


  • High compressive and flexural strength (resistant to impact and vibration)
  • High mechanical strength and high resistance to chemical exposure
  • Good bond to concrete, steel and timber (good adhesion properties); electrically isolating
  • Self compacting (good flow properties)
  • Easy to mix and install (long pot life)
  • Rapid strength development
  • Use without primer


ca. 1.9 kg/m² per mm thickness

Article-No. Color Packaging size Unit/Pallet Repackaging
206436-001 grey 30 kg
1 x 23.3 kg/bag  
1 x 6.7 kg/combination packaging  
42 -
  23.3 kg/bag 42 -
  6.7 kg/combination packaging 70 -