Albert Schomburg

Chairman of the Advisory Board, SCHOMBURG Group

Born in 1938, he joined his fathers company in 1961, which was focused on manufacturing protective coatings such as mortars and admixtures as well as form release agents for the construction industry. Under his leadership the company expanded and developed into a full systems provider, foremost known for the AQUAFIN line of waterproofing as well as tile setting systems, industrial floor coatings and concrete repair products, which is represented worldwide by sister companies in 25 countries.

Ralph Schomburg

Managing Director

Born in May 1971, Ralph Schomburg began his career with the company following his studies for a degree in business management at the School of Management in Dortmund in 1999. During his long career in product management and marketing, he took over responsibility for operational marketing within external sales and later sales management. He has been Managing Director of SCHOMBURG GmbH since 2005 and he made the group wide Marketing his core business area in additional to newly structuring and further developing it. As managing partner for the group of companies, he is responsible for the financial, manufacturing, IT, purchasing and research & development activities.

Alexander Weber

Managing Director

After his training, the industrial business man Alexander Weber, born in September 1972, developed into a recognised salesman in the international market with distinctive organisational capabilities. In 2003 he took over responsibility for the sales network of SCHOMBURG GmbH and was therefore responsible for the strategic development of the distribution business and has become a competent representative for the leading market partners. Since 2010, Alexander Weber has been a managing partner of the group of companies. Since 2012 he has been responsible for product management, Marketing, sales and personnel activities.