Crack repair (wall surfaces)

Key Facts

1 Hole drilling

Existing cracks are drilled at 20 cm intervals each offset at an angle of 45° to the crack.

2 Cleaning

Using oil free compressed air and compressor free the bore holes from any drilling dust.

3 Waterproofing water bearing cracks

Insert the appropriate injection packer into the bore hole. In the case of water bearing cracks firstly inject AQUAFIN-P1. The material reacts with water to form a watertight, visco-plastic foam and stops water ingress. Once hardened excess foam is removed flush with the surface.

4 Plugging the crack

In the case of non water bearing cracks the crack is plugged with ASODUR-EKF. Once the plugging material has completely hardened then AQUAFIN-P4 is injected.

5 Permanently waterproofing cracks

When using AQUAFIN-P1, an additional injection of the elastic crack waterproofing material AQUAFIN-P4 is necessary.

6 Closing off the bore holes

Once the injection resin has hardened, the plugging material can be removed as necessary for visual reasons. Close off the bore holes with ASOCRET-BIS-1/6.