Highly-flexible, 2 component, rapid adhesive for tiles

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Product details


  • C2 FTE S2 per DIN EN 12004
  • Rapid setting mortar with early, high adhesive strength (C2F)
  • Reduced slipping (T)
  • Extended open time (E)
  • Increased deflection (S2)
  • Thin bed

Areas of Application

  • For the installation of ceramic tiles and slabs by the thin-bed method
  • Especially for the installation of tiles and slabs on demanding substrates and uncured substrates
  • For heated and unheated substrates
  • For walls and floors
  • For interior and exterior use


  • Approved system product
  • Permits the installation of tiles and slabs on to uncured substrates
  • Rapid construction progress
  • With decoupling effect


ca. 2.9 kg/m² with a 6 mm notched trowel | ca. 3.8 kg/m² with an 8 mm notched trowel | ca. 4.8 kg/m² with a 10 mm notched tro

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Article-No. Color Packaging size Unit/Pallet Repackaging
204310-001 white 20 kg/combination packaging 18 -