Rapid hybrid waterproofing

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Product details


  • Building waterproofing in accordance with DIN 18533 and DIN 18535
  • Bonded waterproofing ("AIV") in accordance with DIN 18531, DIN 18534, DIN 18535, DIN EN 14891
  • CM O1 P in accordance with DIN EN 14891
  • Seam-free and jointless waterproofing of buildings
  • Hydraulic, self-cross-linking setting
  • Rapid, reactive drying
  • Very low emissions - EMICODE® EC 1PLUS
  • Resistant to concrete-damaging water, in accordance with DIN 4030
  • For transitions to water-impermeable components ("ÜBB")

Areas of Application

  • As a bonded waterproof membrane beneath tiles and slabs
  • As a bonded waterproof membrane for water penetration classes W0-I to W3-I in accordance with DIN 18534
  • As a bonded waterproof membrane for balconies, loggia, access balconies in accordance with DIN 18531 and terraces
  • As a bonded waterproof membrane in underwater areas and swimming pools
  • In combination with the SCHOMBURG joint tape systems


  • Approved system product
  • Reliable flexibility and through-drying - also in unfavourable weather conditions
  • Comfortable installation properties


ca. 1.5 kg/m² per mm thickness

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Article-No. Color Packaging size Unit/Pallet Repackaging
204208-001 light grey 20 kg/combination packaging 18 -
204208-003 light grey 10 kg/combination packaging 24 -
204208-010 light grey 36 kg
1 x 18 kg/bucket  
1 x 18 kg/bag  
48 -
  18 kg/bucket 24 -
  18 kg/bag 48 -


Additional Technical Information
Declaration of Performance (DoP)
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Manufacturer's statement for building certification systems
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AQUAFIN-RS300: Rapid setting hybrid waterproof membrane