1937 - Following the collapse of the Carl Schomburg & Sons limited company in Bad Oeyenhausen, Albert Fritz Schomburg founded a commercial agency for chemical materials for the protection of buildings, in Detmold.

1949 - After the 2nd world war, the production of chemical materials for the protection of buildings came into existence.

1961 - Albert Carl Schomburg joins the company.

1962 - The production plant and administration building arose in Detmold Spork-Eichholz. Production facilities for producing solvent-based bitumen coatings were commissioned.

1964 - Foundation of a joint venture with Robotec AG, Zurich as the location for production and distribution for Switzerland.

1966 - AQUAFIN is introduced as a brand for structural waterproofing products.

1974 - Construction of a new production plant for solvent-free, water-based polymeric and bituminous products.

1992 - Establishment of the distribution and manufacturing company in Kutno, Poland.

1994 - Construction of the subsidiary plant in Halle on the Saale River in former East Germany.

1999 - Expansion of the site and manufacturing facilities in Detmold Spork-Eichholz.

2004 - The joint venture, AQUAFIN Inc. USA, moves into new premises in Elkton.

2006 - Opening of the new office and production plant in Bratislava, Slovakia.

2007 - Inauguration of the production plant for structural waterproofing products and concrete additives for the MYK-SCHOMBURG joint venture in Hyderabad in India.

2010 - Ralph Schomburg and Alexander Weber assume overall directorship for the company. Albert Schomburg becomes chairman of the newly established board of advisors.

2012 - Albert-Johannes Schomburg founds his company for the distribution of SCHOMBURG products and systems in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietman.

2016 - Establishment of the Albert Schomburg company and family trust.