External waterproofing to basements - mineral-based

Key Facts

1 Evening out the substrate (if required)

Surface levelling with ASOCRET-M30 in one or with AQUAFIN-1K in a minimum of two coats by trowel or with suitable spray equipment.

2 Waterproofing wall-floor junctions

At the wall/floor transition, construct a mineral-based waterproof fillet with ASOCRET-M30. Apply a bonding slurry beforehand. This can consist of ASOCRET-M30 or AQUAFIN-1K. Alternatively, a waterproof fillet can be constructed from ASO-Dichtband-2000-S.

3 Waterproofing pipe penetrations

AQUAFIN-RB400 applied with a 4 mm notched trowel and smoothened, ADF-Rohrmanschette bonded free from folds and subsequently fully overcoated.

4 FPD (liquid applied polymer modified High Build waterproofing membrane)-MDS (Mineral-based waterproofing slurry) - Waterproofing

AQUAFIN-RB400 applied by trowel, brush or spray techniques to exposure related thickness.

5 Protective and drainage board

Once the waterproofing coat has dried, the protective layer can be bonded in a full bed of a mixture comprising AQUAFIN-RB400 / 0.1—0.35 mm Quartz sand and using a suitable notched trowel using the Buttering-Floating technique.

6 Perimeter insulation

Lay the insulation butt jointed and offset in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines and fully bond with AQUAFIN-RB400.