Sequentially applied horizontal barrier with liquid injection material

Key Facts

1 Evening out the wall surface

In order to optimise the spread of the horizontal damp proof barrier, brush apply AQUAFIN-1K to a height of approx. 10 cm above the planned row of bore holes.

2 Filling voids

Fill voids and defects in the substrate with the bore hole mortar ASOCRET-BM.

3 Producing the horizontal damp proof barrier

After drilling the bore holes (bore hole distance between 10–12.5 cm) inject AQUAFIN-F under low pressure (<10 bar) via injection packers into the substrate. Maintain the injection pressure until the neighbouring areas to the packers show signs of glistening. After approx, 24 hours remove the packers and close off the holes with ASOCRET-BM, With very porous masonry work it can also be carried out from one side.

4 Alternative: Pressureless injection

With pressureless techniques connect the appropriate holding tank in the bore holes and fill with injection material. Dispersion into the substrate happens exclusively by gravity and the absorption of the substrate. Continue with the filling process until the injection material is no longer absorbed. Closing off the bore holes is carried out, as in the pressurised techniques, with the bore hole mortar ASOCRET-BM or ASOCRET-M30.