Rapid cementitious waterproofing

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Product details


  • Hydraulic, self-cross-linking setting
  • Bitumen-free
  • Rapid, reactive drying

Areas of Application

  • For waterproofing building components in direct ground contact against ground moisture and non-pressing water (W1.1-E, W1.2-E in accordance with DIN 18533)
  • For waterproofing against splashed water and ground moisture at the building skirt as well as capillary water within and beneath walls (W4-E in accordance with DIN 18533)
  • For waterproofing against pressing water (W2.1-E in accordance with DIN 18533)
  • As retrospective structural waterproofing in accordance with the WTA information sheet 4-6
  • For waterproofing containers and basins (W1-B, W2-B in accordance with DIN18535)
  • For waterproofing ground level windows and door units
  • Suitable for old, well bonded bitumen substrates


  • Sulfate resistant
  • Resistant to frost, de-icing salts, UV and ageing
  • Radon proof
  • Highly crack bridging

Typical Applications

  • As structural waterproofing


ca. 1.2 kg/m² and mm thickness

To the calculator

Article-No. Color Packaging size Unit/Pallet Repackaging
204218-007 grey 24 kg/combination packaging 18 -
204218-006 grey 32.5 kg
1 x 13 kg/bucket  
1 x 19.5 kg/bag  
48 -
  13 kg/bucket 24 -
  19.5 kg/bag 48 -


Additional Technical Information
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Manufacturer's statement for building certification systems
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Technical Data Sheet
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Technical Drawings (PDF)
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AQUAFIN-RB400 - Rapid cementitious waterproofing in application