Crack repair (floor)

Key Facts

1 Opening the cracks

Saw cut the crack or joint lengthways (to approx. half to two thirds to screed depth). At right angles to the crack and at 30 cm intervals cut in10 cm long transverse slots.

2 Cleaning

Remove dust and contamination and thoroughly clean the cut area with an industrial vacuum or similar.

3 Mixing

Carefully open the third segment of the squeezy bag of ASODUR-K900 and take out the gloves and screed clips. Now remove the black cord from the top of the squeezy bag and evenly squeeze the bag for at least 3 minutes. The bag will become warm during this process.

4 Grouting the cracks

Pour the mixed ASODUR-K900 into the prepared cut and fill to half way. As necessary use the PE pipe supplied as an extension.

5 Place the screed clips

Now lay the screed clips provided into the slots.

6 Trowel the cracks

Close off the surface of the crack with a trowellable consistency mortar produced from ASODUR-K900 and quartz sand.

7 Quartz sand

Evenly broadcast quartz sand (grain size 0.2 to 0.7 mm) into the fresh smoothing mortar.

8 Sweeping off

Once cured remove loose sand by sweeping.


Crack repair with ASODUR-K900 injection resin