Crack repair (floor)

Key Facts

1 Opening the cracks

Saw cut the crack or joint lengthways (to approx. half to two thirds to screed depth). At right angles to the crack and at 30 cm intervals cut in10 cm long transverse slots.

2 Cleaning

Remove dust and contamination and thoroughly clean the cut area with an industrial vacuum or similar.

3 Mixing

Mix components A and B together and shake for a minimum of 15 seconds.

4 Place the screed clips

Now lay the screed clips provided into the slots.

5 Grouting the cracks

Pour the mixed material, ASODUR-GH-S into the prepared cut without leaving voids. Strike off excess material.

6 Quartz sand

Once the gel phase has been reached, broadcast with quartz sand (grain size 0.1 to 0.6 mm).

7 Vacuuming off

Once hardened, remove loose sand by vacuum.

8 Alternative

With narrow cracks up to a width of 0.4 mm, use the fluid epoxy resin, ASODUR-K900.


Crack repair with ASODUR-K900 injection resin