Sequentially applied horizontal barrier with paste injection material

Key Facts

1 Producing the bore holes

Produce the bore holes at a distance of approx. 12.5 cm apart and at a drilling angle of 0° - 45° with an electro-pneumatic drill, that operates as vibration free as possible.

2 Cleaning the bore holes

Before injecting, carefully remove the drilling dust, in order to ensure the highest possible uptake of the active ingredient into the masonry work.

3 Producing the horizontal damp proof barrier

Once the bore holes have been cleaned, introduce the AQUAFIN-i380 with an injection gun using non-pressure techniques. Extrude the material until the bore hole is completely full. Upon completion of the horizontal waterproofing and dependent on the project, seal the drilled hole with the bore hole and void filler ASOCRET-BM or ASOCRET-M30.