Safety primer for structural waterproofing and renovation

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Areas of Application

  • for priming weak and highly absorbent substrates
  • for the preparation of substrates for structural waterproofing with flexible, polymer-modified high-build coatings (e.g. AQUAFIN-RB400) and mineral-based waterproofing slurries (e.g. AQUAFIN-1K) or the multi-purpose mortar ASOCRET-M30
  • suitable for all mineral-based substrates (e.g. concrete and masonry work)
  • for dry and matt-damp substrates
  • for walls and ceilings
  • for floors
  • for interior and exterior use
  • System component for structural waterproofing
  • System component of the THERMOPAL-renovation plaster systems


  • improves the bond of subsequently applied waterproofing and mortar coats
  • can be directly used - without mixing
  • brush, roller and spray application
  • rapid overcoating - after ca. 30 minutes (dried to matt-damp)
  • water repellent function and bond improvement
  • very low emissions - EMICODE EC 1 ® PLUS


Consumption ca. 200.00 - 250.00 g / m²

Article-No. Color Packaging size Minimum order quantity Unit/Pallet
203901-004 whitish, slightly cloudy 1 l/bottle 6 box 450