Alexander Weber, 25 years at SCHOMBURG

For Alexander Weber, acting partner of SCHOMBURG GmbH & Co. KG, the 1st August 2016 would have actually been a day like any other day if he hadn’t started out his career life’s path exactly 25 years ago as an apprentice at SCHOMBURG.
Ralph Schomburg remembered the day he joined, who heartily congratulated him on his anniversary especially in the name of Albert Schomburg, advisory president, who wasn’t in the office at the time. He thanked Alexander Weber for his successful assistance in the expansion of the SCHOMBURG group of companies to an outstanding manufacturer of intelligent building materials both nationally and internationally.
It all started on the 1st August 1991 with his training as an industrial sales representative. Under Albert Schomburg, he got to know the business and the market with vigour and eagerness. Albert Schomburg, who is still an active participant in the SCHOMBURG group today, was already impressed with Weber then and managed him with gentle “stringency” and with a particular outlook, through his first 25 years at the company.
He grew with each of his tasks. His business orientated competency in networking and his ability to manage target orientated employees, brought him rapid recognition. He was Product Manager, Sales Manager East, Sales Manager West, became National Sales Manager and then was called up on to the executive board. His commercial development as a speaker for the executive board is exclusively bound with SCHOMBURG. He has utilized the chance and the trust of Albert Schomburg.
Alexander Weber is just as valued by his colleagues and he most certainly is recognised in the market. He is well known in the trade and is equally a competent business partner for industry and commerce.