AQUAFIN-CA - bonds firmly, stays watertight

The all-rounder on the building site, which helps in many situations, saving time and money.
• Safe solution for small repairs, renovations and for bonding waterstops and bonded waterproofing membranes beneath green concrete
• Specifc dosage, no material loss and long working time
• The adhesive comes directly out of the cartridge and bonds totally reliably
It is the building site all-rounder: 1K-Hybrid Universal-Kleb- und Dichtstoff AQUAFIN-CA from the Detmold based manufacturer of system building products SCHOMBURG. Whether for spontaneous remedial works or for small renovation jobs on the building site, AQUAFIN-CA helps quickly and reliably. A tile needs to be replaced? An uneven area needs to be perfectly or partially remedied? All this is simple to achieve with AQUAFIN-CA and saves time and money.
AQUAFIN-CA bonds precisely and securely to different materials such as timber products, glass, metals, plastics, ceramic, brick, natural stone and gypsum plasterboard. Mineral-based products often have to be mixed and are only available on location in large pack sizes. The solvent and silicone free adhesive and sealant is a one component material and therefore a simple and safe solution for many applications directly from the cartridge. It can be exactly dosed and therefore saves material and costs.
AQUAFIN-CA bonds quickly, sticking after only a short time. Building units are adhered completely without any mechanical fixings, they withstand a variety of conditions and will not slip. AQUAFIN-CA is also a secure solution under water. The adhesive is simply applied in the dry and then fixed under water, without the need to lower the water level.
The universal adhesive and sealant has minimal shrinkage and hardens quickly. With its elasticity, AQUAFIN-CA compensates for stresses and movement. Due to its good resistance to weathering, it hardly changes and does not break down under strong sunlight. The adhesive continues to bond firmly and remain watertight after years with its exceptional properties further reliably guaranteed. It can also take water-based paints without problem and is therefore highly adaptable.
For many years, AQUAFIN-CA has proven itself in the bonding and mounting of the waterstops AQUAFIN-CJ3, CJ4 and CJ6 within concrete construction joints as well as bonding the overlaps within the green concrete waterproof membrane, AQUAFIN-WM12. Together with experienced contractors, the product was further trialled and tested in a variety of applications and made ready for marketing. This made AQUAFIN-CA into a real all-rounder, which opened up completely new possibilities for use as an adhesive as well as a sealant for closing joints.
For SCHOMBURG regular review of products for further applications belongs to a sustainable product strategy. The manufacturer uses its own Know-How and also the experience of long established contractors on the building sites. Until a product officially receives its new properties, intensive tests are necessary in order to satisfy SCHOMBURG’s quality requirements and those of the contractor on site. Only when a product has really proven itself and given evidence of above average functionality will it be labelled with these properties – as now with AQUAFIN-CA.
AQUAFIN-CA is available in a practical 290 ml cartridge in selected distributors.