AQUAFIN-RS300 - new yardstick for mineral-based waterproof slurries

SCHOMBURG sets a new yardstick with the new self cross-linking reactive setting waterproof slurry AQUAFIN-RS300. AQUAFIN is synonymous with performance in waterproofing using mineral-based slurries. And good traditions are to be upheld.

AQUAFIN-RS300 completely and extensively accomodates this obligation. The waterproof slurry with varied application possibilities is the result of innovative development and market analysis. The high performance spectrum extends to use in construction waterproofing through waterproofing beneath tiles in heavy duty interior and exterior areas such as swimming pools, swimming pool surrounds, balconies and terraces.

It is especially here that the unbeatable technical properties of AQUAFIN-RS300 shows advantages. The self cross-linking binding method does not limit AQUAFIN-RS300 to laboratory conditions beyond 20 degress and 50% relative humidity. The induced intelligent cross-linking system of this reactive slurry dispossesses the waterproof film of chemical water and therefore dries almost independent of the weather. Climatic data calculated in the laboratory results in drying within 24 hours even at 4ºC and 90% relative humidity. The tensile strain characteristics of the waterproof coating are acheived after 1 day due to these product properties, where classic mineral-based waterproof slurries would demonstrably require 28 days.

The consequences are outstanding advantages for the user and security for the consumer through sustainable preservation of the status quo of buildings. Insulation panels can be bonded to buildings, thus waterproofed, after only 6 hours and basins can be filled after 48 hours.

There are often difficulties linked to the climate when carrying out waterproofing. Saturated water vapour in the atmosphere, above all in closed containers or in deep swimming pool shells, requires cumbersome and time consuming forced ventilation measures with classical waterproofing products. When using AQUAFIN-RS300 this is considerably reduced.

The formation of details in threshold areas with waterproof tapes or gaskets can be optimally carried out. AQUAFIN-RS300 dries and forms a film after a short time in the absence of air.

The use of AQUAFIN-RS300 is also a good decision for assurance. The exceptional tensile strain values, a very high stability to water pressure and excellent waterproof values provide for assurances in application and use. 60% greater flexibility than comparable products as well as early installation of ceramic tiles and other finishes complete the complexity of this new type of waterproofing product. The advantages combined with impressive application properties, such as easy and creamy on the trowel, the possibility of adjustment for brush or spray application will unerringly herald a new age in the implementation of construction waterproofing.