ASOCRET-HFF - New floor levelling compound for areas subjected to stresses

  • For creating demanding and especially tough direct wearing surfaces for internal and external areas. • Confidently integrated within a system for a multitude of applications, also in areas subjected to high mechanical loads and exposure to chemicals. • Long working life, watertight in a recyclable plastic sack. Floor surfaces in internal and external areas are, dependent on use, subjected to different levels of stress. Intensively used interior floors such as e.g., in workshops must be resistant to compressive stresses and also, in part, be resistant to chemicals. In a private garage, the floor is subjected to wear when driving in and out and can also become damaged if overburdened. The consequence: dampness, de-icing salts and oil deposits can attack the substrate structure and cause permanent damage, which ultimately can lead to cracks, unevenness and heavy contamination. With ASOCRET-HFF, the Detmold based manufacturer of system based building products SCHOMBURG, has brought a mineral-based floor levelling compound into the market, which is for internal as well as external use. The product can be used as a direct wearing surface and heavy-duty surface as well as part of a system in areas with heavy mechanical stresses or chemical exposure. Typical areas of use are e.g., hobby rooms, work rooms, store rooms, adjoining rooms, garages and loggia, commercial warehouses or also Craftmen’s workshops. Furthermore, when used in combination with a sealer or coating from the SCHOMBURG range, it is possible to create easily cleaned floor surfaces with ASOCRET-HFF and when combined with a special impregnator, a visual concrete appearance. ASOCRET-HFF excels through its generous working time of up to 45 minutes. Application can be by hand or mechanically and in layers between 3 and 35 mm. The single component floor levelling compound is shrinkage compensated, hardens rapidly and can be trafficked early. Similarly, the material is freeze/thaw resistant as well as resistant to wear and abrasion from pneumatic, solid rubber and Vulkollan tyres. In the dry state, ASOCRET-HFF can be ground and polished, whereby a flat and smooth surface can be produced. ASOCRET-HFF is available in watertight and recyclable 20 kg plastic sacks, at selected distributors.