BETOCRETE-C series – innovative crystalline waterproofing of concrete structures

With the BETOCRETE-C series, SCHOMBURG offers a complete system for a wide range of applications in the crystalline waterproofing segment. Available in liquid or powder form, the products in the BETOCRETE-C series from SCHOMBURG offer lifetime integral protection from penetrating moisture in concrete.

The principle behind the function of crystalline waterproofing: The innovative, crystal forming contents produce a reaction between in-situ moisture and the free lime from the cement. As a result, millions of nono-crystals are formed, which block water passage, fill the capillary pores within the concrete and consequently occlude hairline and shrinkage cracks. Reinforcement is therefore very effectively and sustainably protected against corrosion by penetrating media. In the future, the latest products in the BETOCRETE-C series will possess additional innovative properties, which impede water penetration.

The growth of nano-crystals is a permanent process, which lasts the entire lifetime of the building section. With this type of waterproofing within the concrete structure, the serviceability of buildings can be considerably extended, then with every contact with water the reaction starts again and further crystals are formed. This permanent mechanism imparts products in the BETOCRETE-C series with the impressive “self-healing effect“. When normal static cracks appear (up to 0.4 mm), the crack grows shut through continual regeneration of crystals. “Self-healing” concrete is no longer an empty promise, but reality with when using products from the BETOCRETE-C series.

Products in the BETOCRETE-C series are easy to use. Application errors are almost non-existent, especially with the liquid products, which are simply dosed with the mixing water or added to the finished concrete mix. The activity of the BETOCRETE-C products is permanent with mechanical damage to the surface having no negative influence. Other innovative properties lead to totally impervious concrete designs with highly awesome resistance to water pressure, positive as well as negative. The use of BETOCRETE-C products also offers considerable time savings because, as a rule, no additional waterproofing measures are required.

Typical applications for the BETOCRETE-C series are waterproof concrete structures, cooling towers for power stations, tanks and containers, sprinkler tanks, collection and storage tanks, swimming pools in direct ground contact, parking garages and parking levels, foundations, sandwich sections, pipework and manhole shaft construction as well as tunnels and concrete pipes.