COMBIDIC and COMBIFLEX - Optimized bituminous coatings for improved application properties and fast construction progress

SCHOMBURG presents an Update to its high build bitumen coatings. In one of its own acquired Bitumen emulsion pilot plants, an optimum formula was developed following an extensive range of trials. In close collaboration with various coatings companies, not only were foundations for value in technical parameters laid but also attention to workability.

In order to ensure rapid and assured through-drying, SCHOMBURG used the aid of the principle that water is partially chemically/physically bound similar to a crystalline water bound system. In this manner the applicator gains security in the application process with assured through-drying, early rainfast performance and rapid fill-out. The new formulations are structured so that compression is greatly reduced after fill-out. This property also gives assured application results. The new/old product descriptions can be read as “classic“: COMBIDIC-1K, COMBIDIC-2K-CLASSIC and the new top product COMBIDIC-2K-PREMIUM. The reactive, two component high build bitumen coating is quickly rainproof, smooth with 60 minutes to apply and already dry after 24 hours.

DIN 18195 becomes DIN 18533
At the moment DIN 18195 is being revised. The scope shown therein will be detailed in five parts. DIN 18533 will deal with areas in contact with the ground. Currently informed parties reckon availability will be from the middle of 2017. There are many changes to details and concepts. Even today, the characteristics of the new polymer modified bituminous coatings from SCHOMBURG conform to the expected performance requirements of the new regulation.

Cationic bitumen – functionality and product advantages
Even modern bituminous coatings essentially function according to a simple principle. The emulsion largely consists of water with the tiniest of “suspended“ bitumen particles. These are repelled from one another by rectified electrical charge and kept in suspension. Dependent on the surface charge and pH value, this differentiates between anionic and cationic bitumen emulsions. The bituminous coating based on two mixed components can be applied without priming. By breaking the emulsion, cationic bitumen releases its active water. This leads to assured and early rainfast performance. The products COMBIFLEX-C2/P, COMBIFLEX-EL and the spray applied waterproof coating, COMBIFLEX-C2/S from SCHOMBURG are each based on a cationic bitumen emulsion.

Spray applied waterproof membranes revised
SCHOMBURG not only offers waterproofing products for hand application. COMBIFLEX-C2/S is suitable for efficient mechanical application and will also be represented at BAU 2017 with an improved formulation. The 2 component spray applied bitumen coating is formulated as cationic. Therefore priming and consequently one work step, can be omitted. One big advantage is that the cationic spray applied bituminous variant is applied to the wall with less pressure and therefore annoying overspray is minimized.