Construction time reductions with spray technology

Machine technology and AQUAFIN-RB400 from SCHOMBURG are the ideal combination for efficient structural waterproofing even on small projects

• AQUAFIN-RB400 is a worthwhile spray applied waterproof membrane even from 100 m²
• Waterproofing progresses easier and considerably faster using spray techniques
• The applicator also benefits from technical and optical advantages during installation and from the end result
A newly constructed residential building in the middle of Germany. At first glance, the building project in the Rheinland-Pfalz Ober-Olm region doesn’t appear any different than the 16 million single family homes that there are in Germany, according to federal statistics. But being typical makes the house special. Here the implication company Pierzina Bau GmbH und Co. KG from Klein-Winternheim together with the Detmold based manufacturer of construction product systems SCHOMBURG showed how a building project can be quickly and reliably waterproofed – with the rapid mineral-based structural waterproofing product AQUAFIN-RB400 as an efficient spray applied solution.
The project in Ober-Olm makes it obvious: waterproofing using machine technology is much superior to hand application. Even for medium sized companies, the application is a real advantage regarding efficiency and economy. Christian Josef Pierzina, Managing Director of Pierzina Bau GmbH & Co. KG, can only confirm “Its use is sensible even with smaller or medium sized projects such as the house in Ober-Olm with a 160 m² footprint – in spite of the naturally necessary equipment and cleaning.” As a rule of thumb, the use of a machine is worthwhile from 100 m² of area to be waterproofed.
The rapid mineral-based structural waterproofing membrane AQUAFIN-RB400 was applied on site using the peristaltic pump M8. AQUAFIN-RB400 can be applied using either a peristaltic pump, a screw pump or an airless spray system. In each case, the applicator benefits from the smooth consistency of AQUAFIN-RB400, which as a reactive binding material that is also very good to apply even during the cold times of the year. The advantage of a peristaltic pump over a screw pump is that the material is fed considerably more gently and there is less frictional heat. And: it is just as quick to clean as the other systems. Generally mineral-based waterproofing slurries just like bitumen-based products from Schomburg, for example COMBIDIC-2K-PREMIUM or COMBIFLEX-C2/S are optimized for suitability with mechanical application equipment. In about 20 minutes the machine is set up and feeds the structural waterproof membrane more than 20 m away. A virtue, that can readily be seen – only possible because AQUAFIN-RB400, with its smooth consistency, was created for application with machinery. Even on small projects such as a single family home, the pump did not need to be moved due to its long reach, higher zones were easily within reach. The use of a spray lance meant that a ladder was not necessary. The adventurous and often partially dangerous wielding of trowels, floats and buckets on poorly located ladders wasn’t required, which is a large advantage in narrow excavation pits.
In addition of note, the structural waterproofing membrane AQUAFIN-RB400 does not always require a primer and therefore further time and costs can be saved on site. Also, additional surface smoothing is no longer necessary. Work using spray technology is intuitive and extremely easy and permits a professional and even appearance to the waterproof membrane. A two layered application can be carried out fresh-in-fresh as the first layer will not become damaged through spraying over. Material consumption is also decreased where there are voids as these are directly levelled out and do not extend over large areas. The risk of voids is considerably reduced altogether.
A further time factor advantage: As an example, for hand applied work of 100 m², on average four workers are required for about 2 days to waterproof the area, whereas when spray applying it only takes two workers two hours plus one hour to clean down the spray machine. Using experience-based example calculations, the cost savings amount to 800 EUR compared to hand application.
The conclusion is clear: The efficiency when carrying out structural waterproofing using spray technology is increased manyfold, it is worthwhile even with small or medium sized projects. If a company regularly applies structural waterproofing to zones in contact with the ground, the use of machine technology can bring enormous economical advantages. And: time is money. The calculation with machine technology is extremely attractive for applicators.


Three questions to Michael Schweibächer, technical team at SCHOMBURG for the Mainz, Fulda, Koblenz and Wetzlar areas.

Herr Schweibächer, for which application companies is machine technology worthwhile?

We say, who builds at least seven basements a year, the acquisition of a spray machine will be worthwhile. The purchase costs, dependent on additional parts, are below 5,000 EUR. In addition, personnel costs are greatly reduced, as considerably fewer workers are required when adopting spray technology. SCHOMBURG is always available to offer advice and offers appropriate site assistance.

Are there, in addition to the high savings potential in wage costs and the advisory service, other advantages over hand application?

Yes. One considerable advantage is that due to the high pressure with which the waterproof membrane is applied, the bond to the substrate is much better than with hand application. Pores and blowholes are therefore filled better and there are almost no pinholes. In addition, the application is very smooth, which leads to a professional overall appearance. The mineral-based waterproof membrane AQUAFIN-RB400 is predestined to achieve exceptional results due to its material properties. Collectively we talk about machine application being a very safe solution for application companies.

There are always further exceptions whereby the use of a spray machine is only really worthwhile for large projects. What are your recommendations?

As a rule of thumb, the use of spray machines is worthwhile for areas greater than 100 m² requiring waterproofing. As can also be seen at the Ober-Olm project, the waterproof membrane was applied by two people in only a few hours. Our partner, Pierzina Bau GmbH & Co. KG, is an example how small to medium sized construction projects can always be implemented quickly and efficiently with the aid of spray technology. Also, the independence of external service providers, which are often employed for waterproofing works, is in this context still a great advantage in regard to the often tight time planning of construction companies.