Crack healing and hydrophobing for WU concrete constructions in one!

• BETOCRETE reliably seals even the finest cracks in concrete
• Innovative 2-in-1 technology
• System solutions especially for large projects with international certification
• Multimedia content and downloads for the system solution at

Waterproofing of buildings is one of SCHOMBURG's flagship themes. The BETOCRETE crystalline waterproofing system is used particularly successfully on international markets as a concrete admixture. With its two components it reliably seals cracks (up to 0.4mm for continuous cracks and up to 0.5mm for opening cracks) and provides additional hydrophobicity - the building practically heals and protects itself.

BETOCRETE is difficult to surpass as an additional sealant. The admixture protects the concrete from corrosion even in unfavourable climatic zones and cracks are proven to close again through crystallization. This innovative 2-in-1 technology, which is also available in powder and liquid form, makes the additive powerful: Separation cracks, hairline cracks and capillary pores threaten the substance of a building. If water penetrates, other harmful substances such as salts and chemicals deep inside the masonry could otherwise cause major damage to the construction.

The nanocrystals formed by the concrete admixture BETOCRETE-C react with the water, grow and thus seal the crack. This reduces water penetration. The consequences are enormous. By keeping out harmful substances, the lifetime of a building is extended by up to 30 years. This is because with every new contact with water, new crystals are formed by the active ingredients.

In addition to longer use, you also benefit from lower maintenance costs and increased safety. This is because the BETOCRETE system is often used in structures where one cannot afford to make mistakes: Commercial properties, cooling towers and dams are the ideal location for BETCORETE structural waterproofing.
The waterproofing of buildings complies with German, European and various international building regulations. The products are approved by the BBA (British Board of Agrément) and the Dubai Municipality, among others.

If you would like to learn more about BETOCRETE, you can find detailed information on the new microsite. It clearly explains the areas of application and the use of BETOCRETE with videos, compact overviews and for the details with extensive documentation for downloading. This includes a matrix on waterproofing solutions in SCHOMBURG's concrete construction system, but also a detailed planning folder for the user. The microsite is available in a German and English version. Both are constantly being updated and expanded and are therefore the central contact point for information on all aspects of waterproofing of concrete buildings in SCHOMBURG.