Improved waterproofing under tiles and pavers – SANIFIN

The waterproofing membrane ADF-Feuchtraumfolie from the SCHOMBURG Group, which has been successfully installed as waterproofing under tiles and pavers, has been revamped with even more benefits and has been given the new international name SANIFIN.

SANIFIN has improved chemical resistance and along with its system components now also complies for more applications. The improved product is approved for use in damp room loading case classes A1, A2, A01, A02 and also class C. This allows for waterproofing in wet rooms such as private and commercial showers, industrial kitchens, dairies, meat processing plants, etc.

Quick installation as well as a uniform thickness are only a few of the many advantages SANIFIN offers. Depending on the application situation the membrane is bonded to the substrate, followed by tile laying with either thin-set adhesives such as ADF-Systemkleber, or epoxy based adhesives like ASODUR-EK98.

SANIFIN is available in rolls up to 15 m².