Installation of natural stone sensitive to discolouration - CRISTALLIT-flex

For the safe wall and floor installation of calibrated natural stone sensitive to discolouration SCHOMBURG offers CRISTALLIT-flex, a white thin-bed adhesive especially adapted to these requirements.

CRISTALLIT-flex is a flexible adhesive conforming to DIN EN 12004 C2 FT for the discolouration free installation of natural stone. It excels through the rapid crystalline binding of water and avoids excess alkaline water. In combination with the stone's own minerals such as e.g. pyrite this can lead to discolouration.

CRISTALLIT-flex is also used as a bedding adhesive for earthenware and vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles with a water absorption of <0.5% (fully vitrified), split tiles, mosaics and natural stone not sensitive to discolouration.

Although CRISTALLIT-flex is a rapid-setting thin bed adhesive, it has a long pot life of approx. 1 hour. This flexible thin bed adhesive can be ready to accept foot traffic and be grouted after 4 hours. The pleasant, smooth working consistency, the low consumption per unit area as well as the the ability to be used internally or externally speak volumes for this product.

CRISTALLIT-flex is available in 25kg and 6kg bags.