It doesn't always have to be epoxy - effective waterproofing of a sewerage works for communal waste water

As part of the development of the communal sewerage network in the Stupava region (Slovakia), the local sewerage works was extended in 2009/2010. New reinforced concrete waste water containers were built and waterproofed. The surface area to be waterproofed was approx. 2,200 m² and as part of the waterproofing works it was necessary to seal numerous shrinage cracks (approx. 450 m in total). The cracks present were injected and subsequently these areas and daywork joints (wall and floor junctions) were coated internally with the mineral-based waterproof slurry AQUAFIN-2K incorporating the waterproof tape ASO-Dichtband-2000-S. After treating all details, the concrete surface was waterproofed with the aid of the crystalline waterproofing slurry AQUAFIN-IC. Application was carried out by spray equipment and the High Pump M8.

Both waterprofing slurries used, AQUAFIN-2K and AQUAFIN-IC, excel through proven resistance to sewage and illustrate an effective waterproofing method for communal waste water, in which mechanical stresses on the concrete surfaces are eliminated.