Levelling compound up to 30 mm with controlled emissions - ASO-NM15

The levelling compound ASO-NM15 from SCHOMBURG has been overhauled. The improvements are an increased bedding thickness up to 30 mm in one application.

The self-flowing levelling compound ASO-NM15 for continuous levelling applications from 2-30 mm in one layer has been overhauled regarding an increased bedding thickness. The smoothing compound based on calcium sulphate is particularly suitable for levelling poured asphalt screeds and calcium sulphate screeds but also for other internal substrates.

This low shrinkage and low tension formula conforms to class CA-C20-F7 to DIN EN 13813 and possesses extremely low material shrinkage of only <0.1 mm per m. Therefore tension cracks during setting are avoided. The levelling compound has a pot life of approx. 30 minutes and will take foot traffic after 3-4 hours.

As part of our product range already fulfills modern environmental and sustainability requirements, so ASO-NM15 also makes its own contribution. The levelling compound fulfills the requirements for EMICODE-EC1 "very low emissions" that also alludes to raw materials with controlled emissions. Thus with ASO-NM15 we offer the greatest possible safety against ambient air contamination.

Application is possible either by hand or mechanically e.g. with a PFT G5. The self levelling properties allow preparation free substrates to be produced for the application of following installation trades.

ASO-NM15 is suitable as a substrate for earthenware and vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles with low water absorption <0.5% (fully vitrified), split tiles, mosaics and natural stone materials.

ASO-NM15 is available in 25 kg bags.