Modern performance adhesive MONOFLEX-XL (C2 TE S1)

Modern, trendy and large format ceramic finishes as well as novel substrates confront each tile fixer with big challenges. Furthermore there are the increased requirements of the client in terms of quality and application time. In particular handling these products in wall areas requires the choice of a reliable flexible adhesive.

The extended performance requirements of a modern adhesive were the basis for the development of MONOFLEX-XL. The result of tradition and market conformance is an adhesive that exhibits high levels of grab especially when fixing large format tiles to walls. And all this with a smooth and creamy application consistency.

The focus of our new development was a high degree of security for the user. This was mirrored in the extremely long open time, which is more than double the length of the required values in DIN EN 12004. Together with a very long adjustability time after fixing the ceramic tiles, MONOFLEX-XL is a reliable partner on any site.

A further plus point is its very good coverage. An increase in surface coverage by approx. 30% compared with conventional flexible adhesives is a economical factor not to be underestimated.

Tiles fixed with MONOFLEX-XL can be grouted after approx. 12 hours under normal climatic conditions. In addition to increased strength values to DIN EN 12004 C2 TE, our new development shows additional characteristics such as very high non-slip and an extended open time as well as deformation class S1 to DIN EN 12002.