New pour and adhesive resin in optimized packaging - ASODUR-K900

SCHOMBURG's new pour and adhesive resin is a low viscosity epoxy resin with high tackiness and fast curing properties.

ASODUR-K900 is used to reconnect cracks in screeds and concrete and to repair natural stones and concrete.

Besides its material properties ASODUR-K900 convinces by its practical packaging. With the epoxy resin 20 screed clips and a pair of gloves is supplied. Everything you need for a quick repair of cracks in screeds! The application is extremely simple as well. First take the screed clips and gloves from package. Then knead the pack for approximately 2 min. to mix the two components. No need for a drill and a mixing pail.

The special pack design allows a complete use of the material and thuis reduces packaging waste.