New rapid setting flexible adhesive with extended guarantee - UNIFIX-S3-Fast

For the secure installation of tiles and slabs on balconies and terraces SCHOMBURG GmbH has extended its range with UNIFIX-S3-Fast, a special rapid setting highly elastic thin bed adhesive designed around these requirements.

With UNIFIX-S3 there was already a highly elastic thin bed adhesive at the disposal of the professional tiling contractor today for the failure free installation of tiles and slabs on balconies and terraces. This capable thin bed adhesive is now available in the rapid setting version UNIFIX-S3-Fast.

The selected liquid highly polymer modified components achieve optimum bonding conditions also with very dense tiles with low porosity and smooth surfaces. This advantage stands out particularly with the installation of fully vitrified material.

This adhesive offers itself especially during the cooler times of the year or in areas that have to be in use again quickly. UNIFIX-S3-Fast is also an integral part of the extended 10 year guarantee that is offered on the whole system.

Both components of this flexible adhesive are supplied at a predetermined mixing ratio in one packaging unit, that can be used as a mixing bucket as well. In this respect there is no risk of confusing the individual components or similar errors on the building site.

This material tested to DIN EN 12004 fulfills the required criteria for the "Flexible adhesive" information sheet.