New swimming pool guide book from SCHOMBURG

“Construct-waterproof-competency“ – at the highest level. This is how the new guidebook “Assured tile installation in swimming pools and water parks“ from the building product specialist SCHOMBURG can be described. In this publication, everything revolves around swimming pool construction – one of the most demanding applications for structural waterproofing and tile installation.

20 pages describe the different areas in swimming pool construction. Pool surrounds, shower areas, sanitary rooms and saunas find equal reference to the varied pool edge details and water qualities under chemcial and non-chemical exposure. The difference between interior and exterior pools is also mentioned in the guidebook. Whether waterproofing the pool tank or installing tiles in critical areas – SCHOMBURG presents an appropriate solution for everything.

In the centre of the guidebook there is a fold out detail drawing, which shows the correct build-up of mineral-based and reaction resin based waterprooing systems in swimming pools with swimming pool water to DIN 19643 and in salt water and thermal baths. Furthermore there are entries on the necessary waterproofing measures and appropriate product solutions in adjoining technical rooms.

The guidebook is augmented by a structured overview of the most current and important standards and regulatory works as well as a depiction of impressive swimming pool references in which SCHOMBURG products were used for optimum waterproofing of the swimming pool.

The guidebook “Assured tile installation in swimming pools and water parks“ appeals to planners and Architects but is also a helpful and practical reference work for applicators. It is available to download at or can be ordered via