"Secure waterproofing of swimming pools and decorative designs on the surface" - that was the main theme of the SCHOMBURG group at BAU 2011. In focus was the use of the modern reactive cross-linking waterproof system based on a polymer mortar. This system, which dries almost independently of climatic conditions, is waterproof very early and is already ready to receive tiles and other finishes after 4 hours.

The decorative design possibilities and versatility of epoxy resin grouts was introduced to the visitors in the form of the newly developed ASODUR-DESIGN. The fine grained closed surface structure as well as the effects of additives impressed the professional audience. To compelete the loop, the new grout is especially easy to use.

SCHOMBURG was shown to be a trailblazer on the subject of the environment. The new foil packaging excels with a positive eco-balance during production. In addition this packaging solution offers improved protection against damp.

There was a positive onslaught of visitors to BAU 2011, leading world exhibition for Architects, materials, systems, which bestowed renewed record values and impressively underpinned its position as the most important exhibition of the industry. Around 235,000 visitors streamed around the new exhibtion site in Munich over 6 days - that represented an approximate 10% increase on the last event in 2009. There has never been such a strong increase in the almost 50 year history of BAU. Above all the top industry event reached a new international dimension: 56,400 visitors to BAU 2011 came from abroad. The visitors travelled from more than 150 countries to Munich. The number of international visitors rose from 18 to 24%. Also the number of planners and Architects increased considerably. It was at 22% - in numbers that relates to 52,800 professionals. Due to its organised Architectural tour, SCHOMBURG was able to greet about 50 Architects on its stand. These were kept informed, via headsets and microphones, of the most important new developments.

Exhibitors from 46 countries, among which were the Whos who of the producers of materials, construction elements and systems. In contrast to the economic situation always in the spotlight, most exhibitors left this BAU optimistically, astonished by the enormous interest and above all the rapid increase in international visitors. Ralph Schomburg, leading partner of SCHOMBURG GmbH was satisfied "The mood of the market is good, we have a motivated business team and have boosted our technical and training activities. Therefore we calculate a substantial increase in turnover over last year."

BAU did not only gain qualitatively - it delivered evidence that for construction experts from around the world, from planners and Architects to leading businesses it had become almost indispensible: as an information and communication exchange, but above all as an innovation show. Even SCHOMBURG was able to show signs with its new reactive waterproof slurry, AQUAFIN-RS300. Applicators were especially impressed with the properties of this further development.