SCHOMBURG products fulfill LEED and DGNB criteria - update to the Green Building product data base has been implemented

Sustainability - not only of materials but also in terms of environmental protection. The SCHOMBURG group is backing this. Therefore many of our products underwent tough testing.

Selected adhesives and sealants can be found in the Greenbuilding product database, which are current with the latest DGNB requirements. Those products listed in the database contribute to the achievement of points in the LEED and DGNB systems. SCHOMBURG provides information relevant to certification in a transparent format and so supports its customers in the successful certification of buildings to LEED and DGNB. Stanardised LEED and DGNB declarations can be found in the database as well as all additional supporting documents such as EMICODE certificates and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for downloading. Product research and documentation is made easier for Planners, Architects and Building Contractors.

Furthermore many SCHOMBURG products are credited with the EMICODE label. EMICODE is a trademark protected symbol identifying installation materials, adhesives and building products. These building products offer the best possible guarantee of indoor air quality. The EMICODE system forms the basis of an exactly defined test chamber test to EN ISO 16000 with strict classification criteria. The building materials tested are free from solvents and hazardous substances.

In the meantime, many SCHOMBURG products carry the EC1 label or even EC1 Plus. SCHOMBURG appreciated the exposure to these tough tests and requirements in order to be able to give optimum protection to the installer and end user. SCHOMBURG sets new benchmarks with regard to the requirements for sustainable building and economies. This includes the health and comfort of the user. This is ensured above all, through the use of low emission products.

In addition to existing low emissions products, the SCHOMBURG product range now extends to a complete system for the tiling trade, which is exemplified with the highest classification EC1 or EC1 Plus "especially low emissions" in accordance with GEV criteria. From multi-purpose primers through levelling compounds, waterproofing products through the installation of tiles with the low dust flexible adhesive LIGHTFLEX and grouting with CRISTALLFUGE PLUS, completing the range.

Further information on SCHOMBURG's environmental activites as well as a tabulated overview of all certified products can be found on our Green SCHOMBURG Seite.