Structural waterproofing by the airless-spray method – three weeks construction time saved even by opening day

Boris Becker International Tennis Academy benefits from a successfully airless-spray applied structural waterproofing system as well as know-how from SCHOMBURG

The project is gigantic: for a double figure Million sum, the “Boris Becker International Tennis Academy” has currently risen in Hochheim near Frankfurt am Main – one of the most modern and advanced tennis centres in the world. In a few years when all is completed, after further construction phases, the approx. 55,000 square metre plot will not only provide 23 Outdoor tennis courts, tennis halls with 21 indoor courts and a Centre Court, but also a four star plus Hotel with Restaurant, 110 rooms, Spa area, Infinity Pool, Fitness area and underground car park, a private boarding school and cafeteria as well as 29 junior and senior suites for parents and players, a physiotherapy practice and business units.

Not only in the sports world does the project with the eponym Boris Becker, one of the youngest Wimbledon champions of all time, cater for the superlative but also in the execution of the construction works – especially the structural waterproofing. The application method used was the efficient and time-saving airless-spray in combination with the mineral-based structural waterproofing membrane AQUAFIN-RB400 from SCHOMBURG.

”A bull’s eye“

Construction Manager David Stoll and his team at M&E Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH based in Frankfurt am Main managed a construction time record thanks to the coordinated machine technology even with the opening night. They only needed three working days for the entire waterproofing process to the basements – at least just over 1,500 square metres. “Compared with manual application of a conventional bituminous waterproofing membrane, we saved ourselves a total of three weeks construction time. Considering it was just before the impending cold time of year and the application temperature of waterproofing products, the subsequent work under the circumstances would have had to have been postponed until the new year. The airless-spray technology was a ‘bull’s eye’ for us” said Stoll.

He and his colleagues from M&E Hoch- und Tiefbau were able to start back-filling three weeks early and commence with the above ground construction. It was made possible by the perfectly matched combination of waterproofing product and machine technology, which the system construction product manufacturer SCHOMBURG based in Detmold made available and supported the application on site. SCHOMBURG has many years of experience in the application of structural waterproofing by spray techniques and already has accompanied and delivered many successful projects.

The features of airless technology: Beyond the methodology, the mineral-based structural waterproofing membrane AQUAFIN-RB400 can be quickly and economically applied. With a material spread at a radius of minimum 30 metres, the laborious moving of the spray equipment isn’t necessary. The airless-spray machine doesn’t need an additional compressor. The material intake takes place directly on the machine. Subsequently the material is transported via a high-pressure pipe to the spray gun, which permits an extremely comfortable and practical work process in the building pit. Furthermore, it can almost be operated by one worker. Support is merely required to acquire the material. The high flow rate of the material through the feed pipe permits rapid work progress as well as performance per area on the site. The mixed material from a 24 kg pack of AQUAFIN-RB400 is taken up by the airless-spray machine in less than 4 minutes. Furthermore, the airless technology offers even surface application with the risk of defective areas greatly reduced.

No scaffolding necessary

“The high and precise spread has additionally optimized the waterproofing process. We were able to move the airless machine freely on the basement ceiling and we placed the relevant material at various locations, at any rate it amounted to almost five tonnes of waterproofing material” according to David Stoll. His employees sprayed the four metre high walls quite comfortably from the pit – without the need to climb ladders or scaffolding. “That not only saved time but had a real advantage in terms of working safety because clearly without the need for the teams to climb on site there is naturally no risk of falling” said Michael Schweibächer, the accountable Project Manager from the company, together with the application technologist Jörgen Rauneker, who attended the project from SCHOMBURG’s perspective on site.

Another waterproofing world

Not only was the contracted construction company very taken with the waterproofing method but so was the project Architect. “The airless method and manual application are really two different worlds. I am absolutely impressed with the technology and I have already got a distant relative, who works as a specialist in structural waterproofing in Hamburg, pre-enthusing over this method.” Says Hans Joachim Freiberg, the accountable Site Manager from the Architect’s office Henn + Freiberg based in Wiesbaden. What equally impressed him and Construction Manager David Stoll: “Compared with manual application by hand, the spray application of AQUAFIN-RB400 achieves the quickest and cleanest work for the optimum basis for planning.”

New Benchmark

The positive Feedback from the site pleases Rico Ramin, who at SCHOMBURG is responsible as Product Manager for structural waterproofing and restoration products and also for the airless method for the rapid setting mineral-based structural waterproofing membrane AQUAFIN-RB400. “The Hochheim project allows us again to set the benchmark. The airless technology is still decisive on many projects when it’s about shortening construction times and the economical application of mineral-based structural waterproofing membranes. Our AQUAFIN-RB400 stands out considerably with its application properties against comparable materials and offers the perfect solution for spray application.”

The mineral-based structural waterproofing membrane AQUAFIN-RB400

AQUAFIN-RB400 from SCHOMBURG is an especially rapid setting and reactive binding mineral-based waterproofing membrane for waterproofing below ground in external and internal areas. Furthermore, the waterproofing membrane is for building plinth areas or for beneath masonry work. The speciality: even in adverse weather conditions there is a constant rate of through drying so that the area can be overcoated and is rainproof after only three hours. The material achieves resistance to pressing water after only 16 hours.

In addition to the airless method, AQUAFIN-RB400 can also be applied by screw fed or peristaltic pumps. Thanks to its especially smooth consistency, the material is predestined for mechanical application. The efficiency of structural waterproofing is increased many times when carried out by spray methods and permits an even appearance to the waterproof membrane.

Video on the subject:
Airless spray sealing with AQUAFIN-RB400