Tile setting on calcium sulphate based Floors - UNIFIX-AEK

SCHOMBURG offers a safe solution for setting of ceramic tiles on calcium sulphate based substrates. UNIFIX-AEK is a specially for this requirements designed thin set adhesive.

Vapor retarding floor coverings may lead to delamination at an excessive residual moisture if a pllied with a conventional cement based adhesive due to Ettringite development.

The binder of UNIFIX-AEK allows a safe installation even at residual moisture contents above 0.5%. No ettringite formation can be observed on non-heated floors up to 1.5% and on heated floors up to 1.0% moisture determined with the CM-method. By skipping long drying times the construction time can be shortened significantly.

The remaining moisture is able to dry out from the screed if the tile format is less than 40 x 40 cm and the min. 5mm joints are grouted with our vapor open tile grout ASO-Flexfuge.

UNIFIX-AEK is an approved thin set adhesive acc. to DIN EN 12004 class C1 T.