Children’s Hospital, Hong Kong

The Government decided in 2007 to study the establishment of a Centre of Excellence in Paediatrics to further enhance the quality of paediatric services in Hong Kong by concentrating expertise, research and training with multipartite involvement. A Steering Committee was set up in 2008 to examine the scope of services, operational model and physical infrastructure of the project. A suitable site was then identified in the Kai Tak Development Area (the former South Apron of the Kai Tak Airport). To prepare for the development of the Centre of Excellence, the Hospital Authority published a report on the review of its paediatric services with relevant recommendations. In 2013, the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council approved the capital funding commitment for the project and construction works began subsequently that year. The centre was then officially named as the "Hong Kong Children's Hospital" (HKCH) in 2014. Construction of the hospital complex was completed in late 2017. HKCH is scheduled to commence service by phases from December of 2018. Upon service commissioning of HKCH, the Hospital Authority's paediatric services will operate under a hub-and-spoke model. HKCH will serve as a tertiary referral centre for complex, serious and uncommon paediatric cases requiring multidisciplinary management, providing diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services for patients in need from birth to 18 years of age territory-wide (note: there is no accident and emergency department or general outpatient clinic in HKCH; all patient cases must be referred by registered doctors in public hospitals or the private sector). The 13 paediatric departments in other public hospitals will continue to provide secondary, acute, emergency and community paediatric care. Under this hub-and-spoke model, HKCH and regional hospitals will work together to form a coordinated and coherent paediatric service network. ASODUR-SG2 was applied in basement floor.

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