Hydrotherapy centre, Bratislava, Slovakia

In 2010 the establishment for communitarian rehabilitation "Gaudemus", the hydrotherapy centre for mentally and physically handicapped people, in Bratislava, Slovakia, was extended with a swimming pool. The building of this swimming pool with a 25 m rehabiliation pool was made possible mainly by the Norwegian and EEA finance mechanism but also by the Slovakian state budget.

To waterproof the pool tank, the pool surround and the rest rooms / showers, the flexible mineral-based waterproofing slurry AQUAFIN-2K/M-PLUS was used. Tiles were fixed in the swimming pool building with the highly flexible thin bed adhesive UNIFIX-S3.

The management of the "Gaudemus" institute decided to use our products, whereby the rational behind their choice was a very positive and long term experience with the named SCHOMBURG products. Exactly these products were used in 1996 when building the first (smaller) rehabilitation pool in the hydrotherapy centre and have proven to be reliable and maintenance free solutions during the subsequent 14 years.

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