Natursteinwerk Schneider in Lautertal-Reichenbach, Germany

Grabmale Schneider GmbH is a family business, which specializes in working with Odenwald-Quartz.
The restored concrete floor is located in a section of the natural stone company. In this room, natural stone slabs are wet cut. The concrete substrate was thoroughly wet at the time of renovation. The motivation for the restoration was a heavily damaged concrete surface. The surface was freed from cutting slurry contamination using high pressure water jets and primed in sections. Following decanting and re-stirring with the Collomix C 60 mixer, the epoxy/sand mixture was applied wet in wet. The mixing ratio was 1 part resin to 6 parts quartz sand. The epoxy mortar was applied and struck off over gauges. The temperatures were as follows: ambient temperature +14°C, substrate temperature +11°C as well as relative humidity of 65%.
Under these criteria, the area was ready for foot traffic after 5 hours and ready for full use with hand lift trucks and fork lift trucks after 3 days.

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