Conductive installation in hazardous areas, clean rooms, chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industry - Mineral-based system

Electrostatic charge must be prevented in many sensitive industrial and medicinal areas. Vapours, gases or dust can ignite as a result of electrostatic discharge. In addition, electric fields can accumulate due to electrostatic charge build-up, which can destroy or damage electronic components. Therefore a conductive finish is always mandatory in petrol stations. laboratories, chemical and electronics industries, computer areas, clean rooms and operating theatres etc. The goal is to reduce the resistance to earth to such a level that electrostatic charge can be dissipated in non-critical areas. The use of conductive tiles or those with a conductive glaze is a prerequisite. A prerequisite is the use of dissipative tiles or tiles with a dissipative glaze. Within the SCHOMBURG product range you will find a mineral based system as well as an epoxy resin based system, in order to cope with all the economical, mechanical and chemical demands and not least, all safety aspects.

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Solvent free universal primer, water and alkali resistant


Self-adhesive conductive earthing strip in a < 4 x 4 m grid

Conductive dispersion for pre-mixing with the gauging water for the mineral-based tile adhesive

Grey, highly flexible adhesive for interior and exterior use

Accelerated hardening flow bed flexible mortar


Conductive dispersion for pre-mixing with the gauging water for HF05-Brillantfuge

Silicone sealant for movement joints

Polyurethane sealant for heavy duty movement joints