Installation on heated and unheated cement-based screed (CT)

Firstly carry out a moisture test. The CM moisture content may not exceed 2.0 CM% for floating or unbonded screeds. Heated screeds must be commissioned beforehand. With bonded CT screeds, moisture measurements are not necessary.

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Solvent free universal primer, water and alkali resistant


Smoothing compound from 2 – 30 mm, interior and exterior areas


Creamy consistency flexible adhesive

Grey, highly flexible adhesive for interior and exterior use

Flexible natural stone adhesive


Rapid hardening flexible grout, 3 – 20 mm joint width

Mineral-based multi-function flexible grout for tiles, natural stone and other finishes from 1-10 mm joint widths with FAST TECHNOLOGY

Chemical resistant fine grain epoxy grout, three component and solvent free

Silicone sealant for movement joints

Silicone sealant for use with natural stone