CRISTALLFUGE PLUS – the first grout that lends a hand!

CRISTALLFUGE PLUS from SCHOMBURG improves application comfort
How the grout is applied plays a huge role in how good the tiled finish looks. Then only a clean, smooth and evenly deep joint profile leads to optimum productivity. With over 75 years of tradition and experience in the development and research of system based construction materials, SCHOMBURG has now developed a new grout formula, which considerably improves application comfort when grouting. CRISTALLFUGE PLUS is the first grout, which due to its longer working time, time saving and high levels of application comfort, grouts as if on its own. Influenced by this product innovation, SCHOMBURG has now commenced a particularly special campaign with new branding and packaging. Of pivotal significance within the product’s presentation is the stylized hand, formed from the grout matrix, which symbolically represents the exceptional application properties of the grout. There is also new and practical plastic packaging with a viewing window, which was especially conceived for this new product.
CRISTALLFUGE PLUS is the result of intensive research and development work. A pivotal component of this was the execution of numerous tests with demanding test methods and real conditions. The reasons for the very good application properties of CRISTALLFUGE PLUS are due the specially developed C+ technology. This unique formula affects how smoothly the grout lies in the joints, filling them completely and flush. This results in an optimum joint appearance, which is achieved with minimal effort and time.
CRISTALLFUGE PLUS can be applied in interior and exterior areas on walls and floors. The mortar is suitable for sensitive natural stone such as marble, limestone and granite as well as for ceramic finishes such as earthenware and vitrified tiles, and glass tiles. Due to its well-defined initial hardening, the grout can also be used with finishes of low water absorption, such as porcelain and glass mosaics, and in narrow joints. Furthermore the material was conceived for use with heating and cooling systems. CRISTALLFUGE PLUS fulfils the requirements for a CG2 WA, improved cement-based grout with high abrasion resistance and reduced water absorption to DIN EN 13888. In addition, the formula approved in accordance with GEV EMICODE EC1 PLUS and the AgBB-Scheme, offers the best possible safety relating to indoor air pollution, high environmental sustainability and health protection. Combined with building certification systems such as e.g. DGNB, BNB, LEED and BREEAM this leads to positive evaluations.
Grouts almost on its own
The innovative CRISTALLFUGE PLUS allows for efficient and qualitatively high grade work. Following the preparation instructions, the grout is firstly mixed. The mixed mortar comprises special cement, mineral aggregates and high quality additives. Afterwards grouting can commence. During this process, the difference between CRISTALLFUGE PLUS and conventional grouts is especially noticeable: The mortar is easy to work into the joints and completely fills the joint space so that a flat surface is achieved. Whilst conventional mortars curve inwards in the fresh state, CRISTALLFUGE PLUS stays regular and flat. Furthermore it features rapid crystalline water binding technology, which guarantees trouble free working for 45 minutes. The alkalinity in grout combined with a stone’s own components, which is responsible for picture framing and undesirable discolouration, is quickly bound and can therefore not damage the stone. The innovative C+ formula also prevents grout washout from the joint. Finally the joints are emulsified and the tiles cleaned free of mortar residues. It is noticeable during this process that there is only a small tendency to leave a ‘film’. After only about two hours, the tiled area is ready for foot traffic. Thanks to the special formula, CRISTALLFUGE PLUS is very easy to clean, water repellent and insensitive to dirt, which is especially important when used in kitchens and bathrooms as the grout offers no surface to attack by bacteria or mould and is therefore particularly hygienic.
Versatile grout appearance
Whether a colour match or a strong contrast – CRISTALLFUGE PLUS is available in 13 appealing colours, which include white, silver grey, grey, medium grey, titanium grey, graphite, jasmine, pergamon, caramel, beige, Jura-beige, brown and nut brown. Thanks to this wide colour palette, tile and joint can complement each other optimally for a harmonic overall appearance. With ESCOSIL-2000 and ESCOSIL-2000-ST colour matched silicone sealants are also available. Joint widths from one millimetre to ten millimetres can be achieved with CRISTALLFUGE PLUS.
Transparent and airtight packaging
CRISTALLFUGE PLUS arrives on site in a practical, five kilogramme, plastic grab bag with a viewing window. This is a new and innovative powder pack from PE-foil, which optimally fulfils the requirements for storing hygroscopic and rapid setting powder products. Compared with conventional paper bags, there is a clear advantage with the recyclable plastic packaging, as it offers maximum air and watertightness and protection. Even during filling on the production plant, the closed system reduces dust formation. The sealed packaging material really prevents the penetration of moisture into the bag, so that no lumps can appear. Additionally the robust material is less likely to become damaged during transportation than conventional paper bags. The innovative viewing window on the front permits the customer a first impression when choosing the grout colour.
Thanks to the special formula, CRISTALLFUGE PLUS is the first grout, which lends a hand and considerably eases the grouting process for the tile fixer. The transparent and airtight plastic packaging guarantees long storage life and ensures even greater quality. So a wonderful and smooth grout joint is the result – almost on its own.