Inauguration of new production and warehousing facility in Slovakia

When building permits were granted in July 2005, the construction of a new production and warehousing facility became a reality for the countries of the AQUAFIN-SOE Group (South-East Europe) on a green meadow in Bratislava (Slovakia).

On May 12, 2006 the facility was officially opened in the company of Albert Schomburg (President), Jitka Tietjen (Manager of South-East Europe) and approx. 100 other employees and guests.

After 12 years of activity in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, a new era of SCHOMBURG in South-east Europe began with the inauguration of the new production and warehousing facility as well as its establishment in the local market.

The facility consists of administrative offices (with sales and technical departments as well as a classroom), a ware- housing area (with a capacity of 550 euro pallets) and a production plant (with an output capacity of 4.000 t / year). Official production with the new equipment began to January 1, 2007 with the three products AQUAFIN-1K, UNIFIX and THERMOPAL-SR24.