SCHOMBURG introduces a new brochure on building renovation

SCHOMBURG has introduced a new brochure entitled “Building restoration – Requirements. Methods. Products.” The building materials specialist from East Westphalia provides information over 24 pages about construction characteristics, typical damage and impairment to the building structure as well as the correct way to treat substrates as the basis for a sustainably functional renovation and introduces three proven solutions for each requirement.
If the walls of old buildings become damp, this quickly leads to severe damage to the building structure. However there are possibilities to restore such walls. With THERMOPAL, SCHOMBURG offers a sustainable and economical complete system, which provides the correct solution for every requirement. For the long-term preservation of buildings, for a pleasant living climate and the increase in value of the property.
The brochure, which is aimed at Architects and professional tradesmen alike, is divided into three chapters. The brochure introduces construction characteristics, typical damage and impairment to the building structure and provides information on masonry work, water damage, spalling and efflorescence and the energy consequences of damp.
Then the topic of substrate treatment as a basis for a sustainable functioning restoration is dealt with. The building condition analysis, the creation of an expert restoration recommendation and the conversion of salts are focussed upon here and SCHOMBURG solutions for the horizontal barrier, the blocking render and the restoration plaster are described.
With the aid of clear detailed drawings, the three renovation systems, building plinth area, hygroscopic moisture damage and the formation of condensation as well as internal waterproofing and the individual steps from salts analysis through to the finished restoration are described. An informative glossary with the most important definitions related to building renovation completes the brochure.
The new brochure is available to download at Download.