SOLOPLAN-30-PLUS – New fibre reinforced floor levelling compound

With SOLOPLAN-30-PLUS, SCHOMBURG has developed a self-levelling and fibre reinforced cement-based floor levelling compound, which can also be used on difficult mineral-based substrates. The further development of the market renowned smoothing compound, SOLOPLAN-30 treasured by applicators is suitable for installation thicknesses from 2-30 mm in one application and is characterized by its exceptional flow performance. The fibre stands for the plus in reliability.

SOLOPLAN-30-PLUS is a highly modified pre-blended factory powdered mortar with reinforcing fibres, which offers the applicator greater reliability when levelling mineral-based and mixed substrates. The exceptional flow performance and very good levelling ability of the floor levelling compound can be worked remarkably well and for up to 35 minutes. SOLOPLAN-30-PLUS can be pumped and comes equipped with the tried and tested SCHOMBURG TopTec binder system for low shrinkage and reliable drying after approx. 2 hours. The installation of ceramic tiles and slabs can commence after only 10 hours even at thicknesses of 30 mm.

SOLOPLAN-30-PLUS is suitable for heated screeds and for the production of flat and high strength surfaces to receive tiled floor finishes. After the application of a suitable bonded SCHOMBURG waterproof membrane, it is also possible to use in rooms subject to moisture exposure (wet duty exposure classes A, A0 in accordance with the ZDB data sheet “Bonded waterproof membranes“) and in external areas (wet duty exposure class B0).

SOLOPLAN-30-PLUS can be used in interior and exterior areas and fulfills the “Approval principles for the health related evaluation of building products in indoor spaces“ in combination with AgBB NIK values. In addition, the material is very low emission in accordance with GEV EMICODE EC1-Plus-R and tested to DIN EN 13813, CT-C30-F7.