SOLOPLAN-FA - new self-levelling floor levelling compound

With SOLOPLAN-FA SCHOMBURG has brought to the market, a self-levelling, fibre-reinforced floor levelling compound based on cement, which was developed for use on wooden floors and mineral-based substrates. The new development from the East Westphalian building products specialist is suitable for building up in thicknesses from 3-20 mm, up to 40 mm on cementitious mineral-based substrates in one application. At the same time, at a minimum thickness of 10 mm, it is not necessary to use a de-coupling membrane on dimensionally stable and load-bearing wooden substrates.
SOLOPLAN-FA is a powder-based, highly modified pre-blended factory produced material with reinforcing fibres. This minimizes the risk of cracks when used on wooden floors and mixed substrates. The exceptional flow properties and working life of up to 45 minutes of the floor levelling compound means it is particularly good to use and it can also be pumped.
SOLOPLAN-FA can, at a minimum thickness of 10 mm, be used on wooden floors without additional reinforcing fabric, as well as on all mineral-based substrates. The levelling compound is additionally suitable for heated screeds and for producing self-levelling, flat and high strength surfaces to receive ceramic tiles and slabs. With the subsequent application of a suitable bonded SCHOMBURG waterproof membrane, the use of SOLOPLAN-FA is possible in rooms where there is light exposure to moisture (wet duty exposure class A0 in accordance with the ZDB technical sheet “Bonded waterproof membranes”). The new floor levelling compound is for use in interior areas and fulfils the “approval principles for the health-related evaluation of building products in interior rooms” in combination with the NIK values of the AgBB. Furthermore SOLOPLAN-FA is very low emissions in accordance with GEV EMICODE EC1-Plus-R. SOLOPLAN-FA is available in 25 kg plastic bags.