Structural waterproofing brochure

»Construct.Waterproof.Competency« – presented hot off the press. Our brochure can be summarized in this way »Application Guide Book on: Constructive Waterproofing & Restoration Works«. Various system solutions are introduced inside. With the help of clear illustrations, we present individual work steps through to the finished waterproofed assembly. Here topics such as basement or container waterproofing are introduced in the same manner as the restoration of salt laden substrates. The depictions always come from an application and show the compatible system solution. Examples are expanded through a multitude of further information such as regulations, exposure conditions and an extensive glossary. Their own chapters have been devoted to the topics »substrate preparation« and »Joint Tapes«. With system solution depictions the brochure will appeal not only to applicators but also to Architects and Planners as an interesting reference work. In the meantime there is a guidebook in nine languages (German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Slovakian, Czech, Polish and Croatian).