The thick one from SCHOMBURG: New natural stone mortar CRISTALLIT-FLEX-max for thin and medium-bed techniques

SCHOMBURG ends the stress when installing natural stone and offers the tiling contractor instead complete comfort and absolute safety in the process. It becomes possible with the new thick one, the natural stone medium bed mortar CRISTALLIT-FLEX-max classed C2 FE S1. Through the addition of lightweight fillers, the innovation from the system based construction product manufacturer from Detmold captivates with a fine mortar matrix, rapid hardening with extended working time and a high slump resistance at thicknesses up to 30 millimetres.
With the new CRISTALLIT-FLEX-max, SCHOMBURG has developed a carefree-mortar for the installation of natural stone, which combines the advantages from both worlds: due to the exactly controlled content of lightweight fillers, the natural stone mortar is fine and smooth in structure. It can be worked for 60 minutes, has an open time of 20 minutes and behaves as good as a conventional tile adhesive in thin-bed and medium-bed techniques. Therefore, professionals can fix natural stone without stress to steps, window sills or even copings.

Rapid construction progress

Finishes can be trafficked and grouted after only three hours with the new installation mortar from SCHOMBURG, so that rapid construction progress is guaranteed. CRISTALLIT-FLEX-max is especially well suited to the thin-bed or medium-bed installation of non-sensitive natural stone as well as those sensitive to discolouration of deformation. Not only natural stone but CRISTALLIT-FLEX-max also takes particularly heavy artificial stones and ceramic tiles in XXL-Format into its stride – without the risk of slumping. It can be applied to internal and external areas, even if the internal substrate can be heated. Advantage on the building site: Thanks to its high sag resistance, when installing natural stone steps, the risers can be fixed even without clamps.
CRISTALLIT-FLEX-max stays with the professional tradesman through thick and thin. Even with the application, which the tiling contractor gladly leaves to the landscaper. Due to the simple and safe application possibilities, SCHOMBURG sees additional potential, because one can handle one or more tasks.

High yield

Great for the tradesman and employer: with a consumption of just 2.8 kg/m² (10 mm notched trowel) CRISTALLIT-FLEX-max counts amongst the most productive medium-bed mortars of the natural stone class. CRISTALLIT-FLEX-max in white is available in 20 kg packs.
Under the slogan “Now comes the thick one”, the product innovation from SCHOMBURG is accompanied with a marketing launch campaign. Further information as well as a short video can be found at