THERMOPAL-Ultra: Renovation with system security

For renovating damp and salt laden substrates in old buildings, SCHOMBURG customers have trusted the THERMOPAL restoration plaster systems for over 20 years. THERMOPAL-Ultra is the latest development in this product family.

This restoration plaster is an easy and quick to use plaster with a great degree of application security for producing vapour permeable and dry plastered areas. It can be applied to damp and/or salt laden inner and outer walls. The quick, reactive cure also takes place under critical site conditions such as high humidity and low temperatures. Due to special system related properties, possible mould growth is additionally prevented.

THERMOPAL-Ultra is based on the novel SCHOMBURG binder technology TopTEC. Through this technology, hydrophobic and salt storing product properties are quickly achieved even under unfavourable ambient conditions. A single layer application up to 3 cm is possible without problem. The consumption is approx. 8.0 kg/m²/cm thickness.

The reactive cure process saves long waiting times. Due to how the system performs, THERMOPAL-Ultra can be rubbed down traditionally or alternatively abraded with a grid float. Fine surface finishes are achieved with THERMOPAL-FS33. With the light creamy white formulation, painting is no longer required as a rule and the appearance of the finished area can vary between rustic mediterranean to smooth modern, dependent on how it is worked.

Water and salts are the most frequent causes of damage to buildings. Visible effects are sanding, surface delamination or in the worst cases complete destruction of the matrix with instability issues. Moreover saturated masonry work is frequently also the cause of health hazards such as e.g. mould.

The THERMOPAL restoration plaster systems fulfill the special requirements of the Scientific Technical Association for Building Maintenance and Preservation (WTA) and are therefore appropriately certified. The main role of a restoration plaster to WTA is the storage of salts and the guarantee of dry and salt free surfaces.